Mar 12, 2024

Iconic to Release "GHOST IN THE NET" by Kazuhiro, his First Ever Print Collection

Iconic is proud to partner with Japanese digital artist Kazuhiro Tanimoto for the release of GHOST IN THE NET

This generative art collection will be released as both digital collectibles (NFTS) and physical prints, marking the first time Kazuhiro has released a physical print offering. Collectors will have the opportunity to curate their personal selection by generating artworks through the GHOST IN THE NET algorithm. Once an artwork has been selected, it will be permanently inscribed on-chain.  

“The networks we interact with every day hold records of individual and collective actions and decisions, and behind them exist a variety of emotions, including joy, sadness, anger, and surprise. People interact and intertwine with each other as individuals and groups, in cooperation or conflict, in empathy or feigned indifference. They are both beautiful and grotesque. I wanted to express this through generative art using code,” shared Kazuhiro.

“Previously, In GHOST IN THE CODE, the codes stored on the blockchain have a soul, which I expressed with a human face whose expression keeps changing. The GHOST IN THE NET worldview is that as people continue to interact with the network and blockchain, countless thoughts and emotions are transferred to them, and they behave as if they have a soul and a collective ego” Kazuhiro added.

The collection explores the endless possibilities brought about by generative art. Collectors will create multiple iterations of their artwork with the ability to collect up to three unique pieces. Collectors will then have the option to use their NFT as an access pass to purchase a matching physical print.  

“The GHOST IN THE NET drop allows all collectors to explore the algorithm and test an infinite number of outputs before minting. Collectors can then actually mint the outputs they like! This is not an output decision made after minting, nor is it the collector's choice of an artist-curated output,” said Kazuhiro.

GHOST IN THE NET will be released on March 19 on the Iconic platform. The Collection size is limited to 150 pieces.  Art Pass holders will have guaranteed access to the mint, followed by holders of Kazuhiro’s previous collections: GHOST IN THE CODE, Wabi Sabi, Memories of Digital Date and Yuragi. Wallets holding Iconic Art Passes or any one of the above collections will be added to the mint via direct to contract (DTC).

Once the mint is complete, holders will be able to use their NFT to purchase matching 18” x 18” museum-quality, physical prints embossed with Kazuhiro's signature on the border. You will not need to burn your NFT in order to receive your print, giving you two versions to display.

Kazuhiro Tanimoto

Kazuhiro, who has earned a Master of Engineering from Tokyo Metropolitan University and a Ph.D. in engineering from Kansai University and works as a materials research and development chemist, focuses his artistic pursuits on the fusion of science and art, capturing the essence of living organisms, the human mind, and the intricacies of life itself. 

When asked about what he hopes people will experience when viewing this collection, he replied, “In this project, I have become more aware than ever that a good still image has the power to capture the imagination of the viewer. I believe it is the interaction between the collector, the algorithm and the artist. Going from animation to a still image means less visual information, which makes it all the more remarkable. What one sees or finds in this work is up to the individual, but I urge you to hang the physical print on your wall and take the time to view it from time to time. The way collectors see and feel this work may change in response to the rapidly changing online landscape.”

GHOST IN THE NET is another example of a successful global digital artist trusting in and working closely with Iconic’s development team to release their very first digital + physical art print release. In December, Iconic partnered with the renowned digital artist Des Lucréce, whose works have been sold at Sotheby’s and Christies, to release Monster Soup, his first-ever physical print collection from iconic digital artist Des Lucréce. The collection sold out in under 22 minutes.

Check out our website to learn more about GHOST IN THE NET, and make sure to follow Iconic on X/Twitter for collection access and release information.